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  • CW
    Definitely the best place I've dealt with.

    “I don’t usually write reviews but I think this one deserves some kind of acknowledgement. My favorite part about this place was how genuine the woman that worked with me was. Not only did she walk me through the confusion of insurance step by step, she got me a lower rate. I was paying way more than I should’ve been and feel lucky to have run acrossHorace Mann/Aurora Insurance. Definitely the best place I’ve dealt with.”

  • AF
    Thank you for everything

    “Agent Leah Guyll is professional, astute, and very helpful when it comes to insurance services. I highly recommend their services at Aurora Insurances. Thank you for everything! Angie”

  • Ashley Alley Profile Image
    ...the best insurance agent I have ever had the experience of working with.

    “ Leah was by far the best insurance agent I have ever had the experience of working with. She was so knowledgeable about the policies and explained everything so well. She was honest and easy going and didn’t try to sell me on anything I didn’t need. I really appreciated her input and honesty in what policies would work best for my family. I would recommend seeing her for all your insurance needs!”

  • Joe Martin Profile Image
    ...will not hesitate to recommend Aurora insurance to friends and family!

    “Jenni was SUPER helpful and attentive in getting me a policy. My policy was a bit of a pain to process, but she never once let on that it was any kind of hassle. I know it was. I plan on bringing them my insurance business in the future. As far as exposed tattoos being unprofessional, ummm, really? I appreciate diversity and a bit of individuality in the workplace. This is not 1958, Mel Cope (if thats whom you really are). I am a REAL satisfied customer that will not hesitate to recommend Aurora insurance to friends and family!”

  • Tracy Paulsen Profile Image
    Aurora Insurance is really fabulous.

    “Aurora Insurance is really fabulous. In a time when customer service has gone the way of the dinosaur, it was refreshing to find a place that still treats people with respect. Leah was beyond awesome. I needed a policy for 7 cars and she got me the quote in practically seconds (no easy feat, I also have teenagers!). She saved me over $300 a month on premiums and I didn’t have to sweat the small stuff. It was honestly the easiest Insurance transaction I have ever experienced and I have had my fair share! Keep up the good work (and give Leah a raise, she has to deal with people like me!!).”

  • Jenni Moninski Profile Image
    5 Stars!
  • Diana Rose Pullar Profile Image
    Jenni is an amazing agent. Always taking care of my insurance needs!